Saturday, May 15, 2021

I Almost Went Swimming in that Shit.

 So McWhorter is getting more on my nerves.  Not only is he everywhere lately.  But I have seen his toxic, viral effect on the conversation.  Others are repeating his vacuous theory that current anti racism is a religion.  He will never see this I bet.  But more than anything else, I want to say to him,"Professor.  Do you know how to tell if you have been spreading sophistry? When a bunch of Republican racists like what you have been saying, you likely have been spewing sophistry."

I don't really want to pick on him.  But I think he is playing into the hands of the The Great White Hope.  The racists who are going to die on the hill of white supremacy, if necessary.

Oh the other thing I really want to say to him. "You aren't helping anyone. At least no one who both needs and deserves it."

I still think I could have a civil conversation with him some day.  Again.  I am not playing the troll and bait game here.  But I agree with his self description of being a cranky Democrat.  The last thing we need is another crank.  Cranks don't get shit done.  They just increase the noise level.  Which is something we should not increase, particularly 

if one is basically doing nothing more valid than trying to out crank another group of cranky people.

Just an observation.   Feel free to carry on my wayward son.

Oh.  I almost posted on some article by him.  That is what I meant by almost swam in that shit.  I really have no interest in debating shit on line.  That is why I like FB.  Not much push back.  People get offended, cut you off their their friend's list.  Very simple!



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