Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Not Disgusted, but Disappointed


Again, it is Black History Month.  It is Festivus for the Black of us!

But seriously.  I've got to stop talking, either directly or indirectly,  about a certain retired U. Wisconsin Law Professor who habitually misunderstands any facet of race with the same complete ignorance we would expect from a 5 year old, on the question of how to properly calibrate the control rods for a nuclear breeder reactor.


Anyway, it seems  the racist trash who comment on her board were giving her racist shit for drawing the line for using the word nigger.  And related matters.  And a looney tunes tangent about the word elite, which should never be considered a pejorative, IMO.  And yea.  I just pulled out my "I'm Black so fuck you, I get to use the word,"  card.  And honestly, I rarely use the word.  But getting back on topic.

Not so much only on her, but I say the following to every person who thinks that drawing the line on that word is the moral high ground, if not the front lines of the fight against racist bullshit.  I am not sorry to inform her, or anyone else who thinks racism begins and ends on which side of the use of that word you are on.  That is not the line.  That clearly is not the front line.  That is miles behind the front lines.  That is the Champs-Élysées, in the early days of WWI, when men in Paris jumped into taxis and direct the drivers to take them to the front line.

Don't get me wrong.  I prefer people to plant their flag miles behind the front line than not plant it anywhere.  Or alternatively, like far too many of her racist hive, march under the Trump flag, the traitors' Confederate Jack, or the suspiciously Nazi Navy like Kekistan flag.  But Ann Althouse has too many race bases problems.  One is her own flaming ignorance.  And the other is her running a racist hive, of racist scum and villainy, where racist scum are free to say flat out racist bullshit like how they are tired of black people complaining.  And other rancid shit  I am not going to bother to go copy paste.

She is too affectionate of people (and by too much I mean at all) who would not pass even a circa 1977 are you a racist, test.  Never mind the stricter standards the CRT 2.0 camp are trying to shift the nation over to.

And the fact she felt the need to defend herself to her racist scum and villains?

I repeat.  Not Disgusted, but Disappointed,  If the CRT 2.0 scholars are too far out there, read or re read (as it were) some Derrick Bell.  Get your head closer to informed on race, if "woke" is a bridge too far for you.  But still.  As I said earlier this week.  Fucking stop talking about fucking shit in public you don't know shit about.  Not for my sake, but your own.

One last thing.  Fucking stop quoting McWhorter.  Now me?  I would enjoy having a few beers with him at Tap a Keg or more my speed, Dublin House,  and explain to him why so much of what he says about black race issues is wrong.  And I am sure he will eloquently respond in reply.  Hell, I would even sit down with Glen Lowry.  That would be more contentious. But ya.  I can do that.

Shit.   I have managed to go to Hillsdale College alumni events, without incident.  Then again,  I know when and what not to speak.  So again.  Fucking stop quoting McWhorter.  Fucking stop talking about race.  And you are more likely not to need to explain yourself to racist scum.  JMO!

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