Thursday, September 30, 2010

Like a Bad Penny . . .

James O'Keefe has turned up yet again, and is up to his weird shit. This time he's back with the racist garbage.
The image is his "mission statement" for his scheme to embarrass CNN through one of it's female reporters.
Here's a link to the story:

Who's The Punk.

Oddly enough, many cons, including his (former) partner in crime (so to say) Breitbart are cutting him loose. Given that Breitbart himself deliberately went out of his way to defame some innocent, in a deliberate and malicious attack on the NAACP with the intent to prove they were the real racists, I have to say . . . REALLY!

Both are bottom feeders. Both are political dirty tricksters who try to hide behind the label of journalists. Both love to race bait and entrap for the purpose of race baiting. And both are immature racists. So why the disassociation Andy? See too much of yourself when you look at Jimmy?

Here's my two last bits. I really hope Jimmy has some real terms to his probation. Seems to me there were attempted crimes here and a plot to carry them out -- a conspiracy that was complete even if the other co-conspirator conscientiously backed out and informed the target of the scam. So he really should be (I hope) dragged back before that judge (I really hope they put terms on him!)

Beyond that, this shunning of him by the hypocritical right? I might finally get what I hoped for when news of his arrest hit the news, last year. Maybe he knows some good dirt against his ex friends, and now is ready to start squealing like a piglet.

That would make for some good entertainment, particularly if it can help blunt the GOP and the Tea Baggers in the Mid Terms.


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