Friday, January 09, 2009

Not That I Am Going To Get Obsessed About The Coultergeist Again, But

I will get to the vid with her, after the set up.

Now have you ever seen those moronic (usually) emails or postings that Republicans get their nipples all hard over? They usually are cast in light of, The difference between Republicans and Democrats, or Cons vs Libs, and they usually boil down to something less funny than a fart joke. Ya. The punch line usually is GOP is Tough and Manly, Dems are Wimpy Girlie Men. Fatuous and boring. My dad can beat up your dad, grade-school level entertainment and content. The people who draft that shit could save a lot of keystrokes by just saying Democrats got poopy pants and bogger faces.


But the following vid, which I found on Crooks and Liars yesterday, is a real life co-appearance example of the difference in the two camps, as represented by Coultergeist and Al Franken.

Coulter was trying for (the Republican, sociopathic version of, sorta I recon) clever. Too bad for her she forgot to think before she opened her damned mouth.

Last thought. Why is it that these Republicans, do not get it, that (a) they are now and have always been a minority party, and (b) only they believe their bullshit, particularly when it is totally made up shit (that FDR was bad talking point), and lastly (c) if you are going for sociopathic mean, you don't have to think things through, but if you are actually attempting to try for clever, ya need to think two steps ahead?


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