Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Not Exactly, as a Rule, But as a General Matter I Do Not Formally Make NY's Resolutions.

But I do try to do some things better than the previous year/years/decades.

Item one on my current "try" list.

I will try to stop fighting republican racists on that whole being racist thing (unless getting paid to do it.)

For that matter I should try to not fight republicans one on one as a general matter, unless getting paid to do it.

That does not prevent me from posting my screeds here. I am talking about avoiding the time-wasting, often aggravating process where it all boils down to an infantile spat. And all of us who do it/have done it, know it. But the pull of the fight? (Be Strong! Hold Fast! Resist!)

And I had a bad start off to the year. I confess (*grr*) But hey I can start by getting up out of the mud and trying again, to leave that shit alone. No. What is the line from the series Deadwood? "I don't swim in that shit." Well, it is time for me to reaffirm that, and stay out of that shit.

And I need to loose 15 to 20 pounds. And fast. Those Xmas cookies don't make it easy now, ain't that the truth?


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