Thursday, January 08, 2009

I Could Call It Disturbingly Humorous. But Instead, Typical, For a Republican.

During the same week where The Coultergeist is out there whoring her new book, which has as a premise, that liberals are whiny victims, we have Sociopathic Succubus Sarah whining about how everyone was so mean to her, in a new interview with some Republican troll who is producing a movie about "Media Malpractice."


Katie Couric was so mean to her, asking her about what newspapers she read.

Charlie Gibson was so mean to her, asking her about current U.S. Foreign Policy Doctrine.

The rest of the media (and mean old people on the Internet tubes, so does her good buddy ex Senator Ted Stevens call it/them) were mean to her on account of them questioning her family business.

Need I remind her and her fans that the truth of the matter (so she called it) turned out to be as bad as the rumors, and as lurid as the topic for a Jerry Springer show?

Nope, I am not passing off my daughter's out of wedlock child as my own. She got a bun in the oven now (that was later born a bastard, himself.) And the other grandma, later, got busted for multiple felony charges related to selling Oxycontin. Good thing we are nondenominational Armageddon Death Culters, instead of Catholics, or that whole childhood baptism event could be a potentially explosive thing. But hell, I got the Alaska State Police for my posse.

Ya, Sarah. The media would have treated you just fine and nicely if you had been a Dem.

Opps, even if you are right (and you are not) you would have had Rush Limbaugh on you ass on air (but privately trying to get your daughter's baby-daddy's mommy's digits for the hook up for his fix, sho 'nuff), and as well, fat head Hannity, and the rest of them Republican skunks doing their version of the GOP cell-block gang-rape on you.

Truth be told, you were only put under ordinary scrutiny by the so-called Media Elite. They did not buy your craptastic act, your dumbassed jokes, your barely disguised racist innuendo, or generally, your bullshit. Not a traumatic thing, that, particularly, when compared to what the Right Wingers do to peeps they dislike. They'd be calling for you to be beaten, shipped off to some prison, or killed . . . just like your hate-mongering fans were saying about P.E. Obama at your rallies.

Ya. You got savaged, Sarah. You believe that if you gotta. Poor Baby. Here. Have a cookie.


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