Saturday, January 10, 2009

How Do I Title This? Do I Lead With More Republican Racism Reports, or Call it the Week End Wrap Up?

Doesn't really matter, I recon. Forget about this blog ever being Pulitzer material. I will never even make a notable blog list (last time I checked Technorati my rank was 4,600,000 or some such.) Anyway . . .

As far as more evidence of Republican Racism, I read this interesting tidbit in the NYT article talking about how there were two credible black candidates for RNC Chair. But neither of them are the point. The point is the southern white contender, who on the one hand quit his racially discriminatory country club, but on the other hand dismissed the controversy as "Bogus."

Ya, Mr. Dawson. Being a member of an all white country club in the 21st century is a bogus issue.

Racist Runs for RNC Chair.

Once again we have a clear example of redefinition of offence by Republicans. Yes, they use this slimy trick for any of a wide open range of offenses -- um things we who live in the reality based sector consider as offensive. But it is particularly useful for those pesky racism charges.

So as of this week (again, as I sorta remember in the near past, that shit being either considered not racist, or just white people's rights as white people) being a member of a racially segregated country club is defined as not racist. Do I need to reemphasize the racially segregated part? Not that it would do any good to point out the obvious and factual to these shits. They make up their own reality as it suits them, damn the natural and logical effects of being either factually wrong, or inconsistent, from one breath to another.

Speaking of inconsistency, consider this Follow Up to the Victim Sarah and her Whining Lies, story. Apparently not only was Sociopathic Succubus Sarah the victim of the Media Elite, bloggers, and Tina Fey, but she was taken out of context, in the You Tube snippets of that so-called Media Malpractice movie, earlier this week. And to properly dovetail with the previous graph, the 'director' of that movie was on David Shuster's show, where he disagreed with Sociopathic Succubus Sarah's claim that the You Tube clips were out of context. And soon after that he launches into a passionate, yet unhinged defense of her.

My favorite moment in the exchange was when Shuster was pushing Zigler on the matter of Palin ever taking any responsibility for the failures of her campaign, and Zigler said something like yes she did. And that takes us right back redefinition of reality (perhaps in this case not so much of offence.) No, Mr. Ziegler. When Sociopathic Succubus Sarah says she should not have done day two of the Katie Couric interview on account of it going so badly, that is not taking responsibility, but it is evidence of cowardice. Ya. This is a person who is qualified to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency -- some coward who runs away from a softball question interview with Katie Couric (no insult intended there to Katie, who was professional and so fair to Palin that any criticism must the product of the worst of partisan delusion and spite.)

Go here for the story and the vid, if you have not seen it yet.

I do like the blogger's description of Ziegler:

"[a] prickly ideologue who quickly descends into abuse and dismissal, relying on simple tropes and an aggressively picayune attacking style to carry his argument."

I could not say it better myself, and yes that describes to a "T" so many of the Republican disinformationists (be they Licensed Professional Media Whore Class, or even Amateur Hour Wannabe Class.) In any case, Ziegler is yet another graduate of the Limbaugh/Hannity School of Obnoxious Public Speaking.

Speaking of fathead Hannity, the Ancien RĂ©gime is o'thrown, the Co-Regency is no more. Last night was the last night for live broadcast of The Hannity and Colmes Show. Not that this is news, really, but here is my prediction for the new format for Fathead. It will generally be lopsided in favor of the Extremist Right Wing Lunatic Fringe POV. The more skillful individual left wing temp foils will be used sparingly, if even allowed back for another shot, should they ever eviscerate Hannity (metaphorically speaking.) We will never see anyone in that chair who is so skillful they could eviscerate him any day of the week. And, the X-factor feature, where someone who really is out of their element, even against an intellectual lightweight like Hannity, will not only serve to raise the comic value (and reduce the broadcast's already low level of credibility), but will serve a couple other functions. Deliberately putting some one from outside the usual Circles of Punditry and the Land of the Talking Heads, will naturally make Hannity look a little smarter, and will provide Hannity with an easier target, should the rent a lib prove to be too challenging a sparring partner.

Well enough of all that. I have gone longer than I expected to, but as always, I reserve the right to amend or throw up another post later.


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