Thursday, January 08, 2009

Granted, I Believe in Self-Ownership of One's Actions

(but feelings are often a reflection of and/or reaction to circumstances, events, and otherwise, sensory input, such inputs often being unpleasant. But I digress),

but I wish I could blame my antagonistic and grouchy mood on that Malarial Creature, the shrill blonde death eater in a short skirt. Yes kids. I am talking about the Return of the Dread Coultergiest. (And I know, the economic downturn has lots of folks grouchy. Work with me here. I am trying to be creative, you know?)

I have no intent to wax long on The Coultergeist, but to say that on the one hand, I am trying to do better than her, myself; I usually can't talk about her with out resorting to cussin' a blue streak. I forbear for my own sake. And on the other hand, as odious as she is, I really should reserve the bulk of my bile for the as foul and usually less intelligent cretins who buy that creature's books. I mean really. Don't feed the monsters, all that. And like I admitted in a previous post, I was swimming in that shit again, recently, and it was that "Magic Negro," song that got my fight all up and excited. During an interlude in fighting with those kind of people I did at one point make my real feelings on the matter clear; I was more offended by the people who defended that song, than the original racist idiot who wrote and performed it.

Yes, I blame the willing members of the purchasing market for that shit, as much if not more than the peddlers. If there was no market for Coulter's extended hate speech, or racist flavored really poor examples of "satire," the peddlers would naturally be less inclined to make more of that shit.

To my mind there truly is this streak, this vein, this bent, in the Republican Party. And that bent (I will use the one word for now) is not only to respect strength, in its more utilitarian and honorable forms, but it seems to my mind to respect the uglier side, which is:

Aggression, for the sake of it,
Dominance, for the opportunity of it,
Compulsion, when you can get away with it,
Force, if only because you have the energy to spare,
Oppression, when you are sure the other side is weaker,
Hatefulness, since it is not only that your side is right, but your side can never be wrong,
and lastly

Violence, because it just feels good to be violent, when you are a sociopath.

That is why people like Coulter can proposer selling hate; there are enough people out there who not only get off on that shit, they will plunk down good money for book after book that basically says the same thing:

"Liberals are bad, conservatives are good. The end." Love, Ann.

What is the retail price of her latest book? Amazon has it for $15.37. And I just gave the thesis and summary of it away for free. And I know what a fan or contrarian would say. They would say that it is not the thesis and conclusion the purchasers are buying, but the entertaining method of laying out that thesis.

And my reply to that is go back and re read my list of pathological threads that come together to form the Republican bent to respect what is essentially sociopathy.

But ya know. There is another market out there for snuff movies, and real death, dying, and torture video. The fact some people enjoy that shit does not in any way, shape, or form, legitimize it.

And if you think I am being a bit too harsh (no pun intended) on Coulter, consider the following. In her book tour Coulter is recounting this story about how some Code Pink protesters tried to disrupt Palin's nomination speech, and this is her thoughts about how that should have gone down:

"[t]he stunning thing about this story is, if you can get the video, and you only see it online, you see all these Republican men standing there, right next to these screaming banshees, doing nothing! Doing nothing! Sheez, you have this 99-pound woman in heels, onstage trying to deliver the most important speech of her life, and strong Republican men standing there -- how about a punch in the yap to these screaming banshees?"

Yikes! Or not. No one should be surprised by her saying something like that.


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