Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Scotty McClellan (A.K.A. Flopsweat Boy) writes book exposing Bush WH as "Delusional." WH Response:

"This is not the Scott we knew.”

I hope you get the irony.

Scotty Comes Clean On Bush WH Delusionalism. Dana Perino proves the point.

Um. Maybe we now know why he always seemed to have that Flopsweat, deer caught in the headlights, caught with his hand in the cookie jar, busted in bed with his wife's mother, look about him, up there on the podium in the WH Press Room.

Well, at least he EVENTUALLY found his conscience. Must have left it back in Texas. Went back home, opened that overstuffed closet, and sheeit-ya. That damn conscience fell outta dere, konked him right on his big fat head, and said:

"Hey ya. Didja miss me? Well good to see you too, Scotty. Now don't be alarmed, but I gots to get busy right 'chere, re ed-u-cat'n you on the meaning of Good and Evil. Now you been up there in Dee Cee doing the bidding of evil for too long, so you gots to just sit back there and let me dexox ya. Now this is gonna hurt a bit but it is gonna be worth it. Swear!"


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