Friday, May 23, 2008

McCain Says . . . to the Pro-Armageddon, End-Time a'Wishin', Looney Fringe Segment of the Right Wing of America's Voting Population . . .

"Screw you Guys. "

And he should. And I mean, at minimum, screw 'em, on account of his dropping of the endorsements of Revs Hagee and Parsley. But ya know? He really ought to stop pandering to that wing of the GOP entirely.

Firstly, he has the nomination all locked up, and the looney fringe have only 4 choices:

Vote for him. Vote for Ron Paul (and that is not gonna happen in droves, since he is the AntiWar Right Wing Guy). Vote for Bob Barr (Who? Who?) Or not vote at all.

Beyond that, seriously people. And I know there are people out there who listen to and think like thoses looney tunes preachers (Spiritual Con Men) Hagee, and Parsley.

Sounds like a comedy team, doesn't it?

Ladies and jellybeans. Now presenting for your entertainent pleasure, the zany eschatology and bigotry of the team of Hagee and Parsley.

Yes, I believe in the first amendment. That allows me to make fun of these clowns.

Now here is the showbill I wanna see (not really, but work with me here . . .):

Hagee and Parsley, opening for that master of oratorical disaster, the minister of anger, the pastor of pusillanimity, the unstopable Jerry Wright.

Or maybe I got the wrong sort of show planned? How about a three-way cage match? Naw, it has to be a tag team thing, to be fair. Let's also throw in the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens.

And to be clear, I will just say that Jefferson and Madison were right about needing a wall between Church and State. Or should I say, a wall between Spiritual Con Men, and State?


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