Saturday, March 21, 2009

Are They Racist Because They Are Stupid, or Are They Stupid Because They Are Racists?

Not that it matters, really, exactly how a stupid racist gets created, as the problem remains, you are stuck with having to deal with the reality of the existence of stupid racists. And the reason why I am back on this bandwagon (I did say it is my pet peeve topic) is this stupid political argument I have seen time and time again, advanced by the garden variety kind of racist Republicans. It is the old argument about the how and why of minorities overwhelmingly voting Dem.

The specifically patently obvious racist version of this racist Republican argument is that minority people are too stupid to know that the Dems do not serve their interests well. And the less offensive version of it (according to the racist Republicans, not by me, though) is that they have been bamboozled by the Dems into believing the Dems are serving their interests, when it is a fact plain to see that every Republican can see, at least, that the Dems do not in fact serve the interests of minorities well at all. (As an aside, there is this book out there written by a black Republican titled: Bamboozled: How Americans are being Exploited by the Lies of the Liberal Agenda. Your garden variety racist Republicans love that -- whenever they can find some token minority who talks down to their own minority group like that. They often will use the own-group-disparaging tokens insulting language, as either a shield or some sort of free pass to say things that would be clearly racist coming out of a white person. Again this is some sort of racist fetish thing, I have observed.)

But here is the main point I am getting at. And I have argued this to no good use time and again. The mere fact that someone is prone to thinking in those sorts of ways, by making racially flavored generalizations, is a clear indication of a tendency towards being a racist. The more offensive and insulting the generalization, and the more likely it is that the person in question is a deeper and truer racist. That is a no brainer. But people will cling to their perceived rights to be ignorant and disparage folks from other ethnic and cultural backgrounds as fiercely as anything else they value.

And there is another level of stupidity at work here, and when I say here I mean in some cases. Since we are dealing with an overlap of political opinion as well as race/ethnic things, we should examine the political aspect of it too. Now I am not at all making a mitigating argument here, as I grade hard where racism is in issue, but part of the ignorant stupidity of some of the people who make these racially offensive arguments, is the extreme certainty that their political biases are the singularly right and correct political biases.

Case in point, this one racist Republican who used the 'Bait and Bait' form of argument (as opposed to the old 'Bait and Switch,' which actually requires a switch), that 'they have been bamboozled by the Dems, but I don't mean they are stupid,'argument, over on the Hannity Message Board, recently. This racist dog was so impressed with his use of the 'bamboozle' argument that he submitted his use of the argument for that message board's special Op Ed forum, and titled his post,"It is not racist to say that Dem Propaganda has mislead minority voters." As if his saying it is not racist at all mitigates the fact that he is making insulting generalizations about minority groups, and as a result of that, he is at least on the slippery slope of racism, actually.

Now his argument actually not only hinges on, but for all intents and purposes is entirely based on his bigoted view that Republicans (he might have used the word conservative instead, but you should know my definition of a Republican -- anyone who votes GOP more often than not) are always correct, politically, and Dems are always wrong, politically. With out that as the core of his 'reasoning' he has no real point at all. Not that that is an actual reasonable, meaning based on a rational thought, point. And don't get me wrong. I am not judging him from the POV that Dems are always right, politically and Republicans are always wrong. But I am judging him from the POV that it takes a special kind of ignorant bigot to not only make a generalization that either directly or indirectly disparages the overwhelming majority of a Nation's population of a particular race and ethnic group, but also, to base the 'reasoning' of that racist generalization and insult on something that is basically subjective, like one's own political biased views.

So you should see how and why I came to my subject line for this post. Either way you slice it, you have got Wrong Bread Sandwich, featuring Wrong as the filling.

But as a last matter (and I am a clearly biased Democrat, but I can at least entertain the idea that some of mine or my party's ideas could at least not necessarily be objectively correct, if not wrong), I hope you can agree with me it takes a special kind of stupid to be so proud of a racially insulting argument that is entirely dependent on a subjective political bias, to think it deserves to be considered as an Op Ed.


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