Thursday, June 06, 2024

Why Does She Think What She Thinks Makes Any Sense? Rhetorical Question, But

 The OWL is at it again.  But I am minimizing my posts about her.  Might just give up, as I am cutting way back on . . . the tiresome.  Anyway. . .

Earlier this week, she posted on her blog, about  some article that mentioned some super serious, tiny dancer student, who did not want to mess with the most basic movement class.  She wanted to wait till next year, when they actually teach the tiny ones how to dance. The Owl asked the insane question:

"Is it okay to love seriousness in 5-year-olds? Mostly, we want the very young to laugh and play — experience delight. What's up with early-arising seriousness?"

Where to start?  She knows nothing about human psychology, never mind early childhood development psychology issues.  How the fuck can a human in America make to their 70s, and seem to be amazed by super serious children?  She spent the bulk of her adult career on a college campus.  Granted, at the law school.  But college campuses are fertile ground for super serious children.  Not all, but many faculty brats are like that. 

I won't go much longer, but I am a big ballet fan.  I love going to the matinee.  And there I get to see the fun loving , silly young girls who are high on the experience.  But.  I also get to see the kids from the ballet company school who see the afternoon performance, after morning class. So I am personally used to seeing tiny, serious ballerinas.

But that level of seriousness is all over.  Sports, academic subjects, other pursuits.  Nothing new or remarkable about super serious kids, lady!

Again.  Like I said before.  She doesn't get the limitations of  her own barely, likely above average mind.  To be fair, I have, only, an above average mind. But I know it.

Now on to politics.  And her sympathy for the devil,  I mean bozo.

Despite the legally trained mind that was a legal academic mind.  Se has bought into the other big lie.  The one about how bozo's enemies have allegedly twisted the legal system to go after him, for political reasons.

Because the Manhattan DA is in some "conspiracy"  with the Biden admin., for bringing State of NY charges from before Biden  even, was POTUS, against bozo?

I am reminded of the time in my juvee defense lawyer days, when the judge painfully explained to the prosecutor they had over charged some shop lifting kids, as being part of a criminal conspiracy,  Which bumps a misdemeanor to a felony.  Short version is, the judge explained the kids were shop lifting at the same time. That is not necessarily a conspiracy.  By the same token, several criminal law suits against bozo at the same time, is likely just that. The inability to think the defendant is more likely a recidivist, career criminal, but instead is some victim of a political witch hunt, is to my mind . . .

evidence of a broken mind.

I will end it there.

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