Monday, April 01, 2024

The Owl Has Lost it!

 This is so stupid. I think at least.

She says bozo, if needing to be jailed, but wins election, should have to do house arrest in the WH?

She was replying in some way to some commenter on her blog, suggesting bozo might want to get arrested.  Her words: 

"Trump wants a prison sentence? I don't believe that. I think he's fighting hard, in his own stubbornly perverse, insubordinate, rebellious way."

Ok.  This is worse than the house arrest suggestion.  Not so much in disagreeing with the comment about how bozo might want that shit.   I'll get back to that.  But the really stupid shit she is doing here, is she is presuming rational thinking for a carbon based life form known  for, and well documented to not act in a conventionally rational way,  A lot of the fucking time!  

Said plainly, she is acting as if the crazy man isn't.  Even of she thinks he is only acting crazy?  How the fuck do you know what the creature who deliberately is acting crazy, really intends?  The observer with a rational mind knows.   You can't really make a good guess what either the actually crazy person, or the just pretending it, really is thinking.

Now would I bet my last dollar  he wants to go to jail?  I don't think he wants to lose any of his criminal cases.  But I think he considers he might be able to make getting jailed for contempt, to work in his favor.  (Edit to add.  I finally went back and looked at the comment.  That person was making that argument.  OWL might have deliberately blurred that up.  Or maybe accidentally?)

Anyway, The case for he might, sort of, deliberately be pushing for a contempt jailing:

1.  He actually can control himself.  When he gets hit with a gag order,  he complies, if only barely.  And gets his lawyers to appeal that, because

2.  He has it in is head that part of his election strategy is to fight the law . . . that is arrayed against him. His lawyers have said as much in filings, if not in open court, and 

3.  I keep seeing a fundraising ad with him, where he basically rails against the judges and prosecutors.  He is literally using his status as a defendant to fundraise.

I am not sure whether this is at all an effective strategy?  I am willing to believe, that he just might be crazy enough to believe it.  And there are more than a couple analysts who are saying his martyr act is not only part of his campaign, but go so far as to say it might help him, at least with the base.  

But if the base is with him already, what is the fucking point?  I would not be willing to believe the martyr routine is winning him new supporters, without  seeing well executed research from at least three of the best ranked researching outfits saying, yes.  That is helping him outside of the base, in a statistically significant way.

But he might believe it, without the data.  Some people believe shit, without having any data that says, yup.  This  is likely true.  

Crazy people!  Cant figure them out!

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