Wednesday, March 20, 2024

To Be As Kind To The OWL As I Can. People Are Free To Make Wild Guesses.

 But is not the way to look smart.  To spew shit like Drunk Uncle, at the bar, on his fifth brewski.

Here is the context  A very biased, pro bozo article in The Post, where it is guessed that bozo might just let NYAG seize his properties.   As if not being able to post cash or bond is "letting" anyone do anything for an appeal of a civil judgment pending appeal.  Anyway, this is the retired law prof's thoughts on the matter:

"I've been thinking about this. Trump could let the March 25th deadline arrive and force James to act. Let her seize Trump Tower. How will that look? How can she manage the place? What will people think? Is he calling her bluff?"

It's not a bluff.  It's court procedure.  And this is fucking NY City!  Any number of experienced managers will gladly manage the property.  For fees.  And or put that shit on the market.  For fees.

Now the article regurgitates what has to be a mostly bullshit line about how no one will want to do business in NYC anymore.  That was allegedly a quote from someone close to bozo.  And there was some other line of bullshit that bozo losing his property will help him in the election?  Not likely.  And granted, I really want him to go so fucking nuts  the protective detail has to admit him to a psych ward, or hospital.  I don't have odds of it, but hey.  He is getting crazier, and crazier.  He might not even make it to the convention. As in, physically unable to be there.  Even maybe not able to be on camera remotely  (from a hospital room.)

Like I said. People are free to make wild if not and also stupid guesses.

For the record, I am not predicting his total mental break down.  But like Wednesday Addams says in the one movie.  "Wait."

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