Sunday, March 17, 2024

But What if That is the Ultimate Hell?

 For months, I have been describing the current social and political reality, featuring the monster I call bozo, as a dominant force in the land, as:

"A bummer bad acid flashback, in the middle of a bummer bad acid trip."

And as well, as not only a nightmare, but someone else's.  As my own nightmares would be better scripted, and more entertaining.  Which historically speaking as the sole user of my own mind, usually has been the case.

But what if that is the ultimate nightmare?  To be stuck in someone else's hell scape?

I will end this quickly and just say, getting stuck in either bozo's or any of his follower's ratchet, toxic, diseased minds would be a horror of horrors, for me.  Just having to share existence with them, is torture enough. And if that violent, hate mongering horde gets control of the Gvt again?  It will be a whole other level.  Just a few minutes ago.  I saw some headline quoting bozo saying, he wants to jail the members of the Jan 6 Committee.  Yes.  It is that bad in America. It is definitely  a nightmare, no matter who's?


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