Monday, March 25, 2024

Bloodbaths, and Bias, and Brain Farts

 I don't click links to Joe Rogan.  He doesn't merit it.  And I am only mentioning him as the OWL's post that triggered me here?  It deals with something that happened on one of his podcasts.  He had Psychologist Jonathan Haidt on.  And they talked about the now infamous bloodbath comment.  Owl said she was disappointed in him because . . .  badly articulated reasons.  But the seeming gist was, they used an edited clip of the remarks, and Haidt . . . did not condone the use of the extremely violent rhetoric? I guess?

She often fails to attempt to make a point, often.  She often just posts shit, and leave it to the observer to figure out her position or why, why posts the shit?  Here she failed to connect the dots.  She likely would have penalized that level of failing to make sense, when she was a law prof.  I have to guess.  Anyway . . . 

I call her out for being awful.  Just because someone doesn't agree with her, doesn't mean they are "mentally failing," as she says.   Just because someone doesn't share your biases, doesn't mean they are cognitively failing.

Now granted.  One's view on how horrible the bloodbath comment was, may be  greatly affect by how one feels about bozo?  And yet.  Reasonable, neutral minds  could be offended by the use of that bloodbath comment, even given the full context.   Never mind, that according to objective psychologists and people who just grade hard on that kind of violent shit.  The ex president I call bozo, is not what passes for a clear and thoughtful communicator.  So anyone who claims to be sure what the fuck he is saying, isn't. Very often.

Lastly.  As someone who got dinged for saying, "Burn the motherfucker down, metaphorically speaking," on FB.  I can attest to the fact.  Some people have no fucking tolerance for that violent rhetoric, even when the fact it is being used metaphorically is clearly stated.  (Which bozo never does, at first at least.)

But I was  likely dealing with a bot.

But that bot was created by a live human.  I guess.

The OWL is really too fucking willing to cut the crazy ex president slack.  That is how I see it.

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