Saturday, February 11, 2023

Most White People Should Avoid Black Centralized Topics. I Have Said This Before, Ann Althouse!

 No, I ain't getting thirsty for her.  But she is playing the white supramacist issue, game again.  I  pull back from calling her a white supramacist.  But she does have a very fucked up habit of throwing white supramacist bait meat up on her blog, which causes her mostly white supramacist, mostly fan bois to get all agitated, and they in turn spew blatantly white supramacist hatred.  And that is what I greately fault her for.  If you know if you post shit on your blog that will cause your white supramacist fan bois to spew white supramacist hatred?  Then you know that, and should be considered as doing it knowingly, on accout of that whole knowing it, part.

Anyway, the most recent white supramacist bait meat incident is her very recent posting of a link to a cranky piece written by an AfAm AfAm Studies professor.  He was complaining about an incident where the college kiddies were cranky on him, and being even more extremely radical on some of those anti racist and such political issues than he was.

My question for him is, " Bitch why?  At least why in that tone?"  And lastly, "Bitch ain't you supposed to know better as a college professor, there are few people in the world more generally ignorant than people who think they know shit, but really don't know shit?  And between Republicans and college kids, they account for most of that cohort?"

I won't us the "b word" directly at Althouse.  But as a retired law professor, I charge her with the same level of knowleged about youngsters.  In the law school world?  I would argue that after their first year, law students generally know less about the law than before their first day.  That is because they think they know shit, but really don't know shit.

In other words.  The problem with the college kids wasn't the anti racism stuff.  It instead was that they they thought they knew shit, but really don't know shit.

And the college AfAm Studies proff should have known that, and been more mature and philosophical about that shit.  And the retired law professor should have called him out on that.  Not promote his immature, cranky rant.  If not ignore the issue all together.  As a white woman with no real history of being a verified and cherished ally to Blacks?  Shutting the fuck up about anything concerning Black issues should be the only choice for her, actually.  

So she left it to me to call everyone out, on what they actually got wrong.  Thanks for nothing!

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