Saturday, January 28, 2023

That Latest Homicide by Cops, Story.

 Bunch of black cops beat a skinny assed black man to death.  Ain't that a shame.  And I am not surprised. 

Cops today are less (often is the case)  members of the community, who look after the comunity as members of that community.  They tend to be a gang, who view themselves as not part of the community, but people who have power of the citizens of that community.  That is some toxic shit, and leads to beat downs, shootings, rapes, and murder.

How did Dave Chapelle say it years ago?  In a routine he said something to the effect:

"America is so racist, the other day I caught myself being racist against myself."

So yeah.  Ask any sane, rational, Black American if this story is a suprise?  They will say no.

Now for the Ann Althouse mention.  She posted about the  Van Jones piece on CNN, talking about this,  and I will just quote some of what she quotes:

"Black people can harbor anti-Black sentiments and can act on those feelings in harmful ways. Black cops are often socialized in police departments that view certain neighborhoods as war zones. In those departments, few officers get disciplined for dishing out “street justice” in certain precincts — often populated by Black, brown or low-income people — where there is a tacit understanding that the “rulebook” simply doesn’t apply.... "

And here is her freestye remark:

"Some people are over-reacting to this column and seem as if they were hoping that because the 5 police officers who killed Tyre Nichols are black, we can proceed directly to color-blindness. Too soon! Too easy! Let's look straightforwardly at reality and not coddle ourselves."

I haven't seen that.  It would have been useful to call out the white supramacist motherfuckers  saying that shit.  But anyway.  I usually do not even look at her comments.  And that is within the meta level of not really reading most of her shit, when I am skimming her blog, anyway.  Like I said. I skim. 

But when the topic concerns race, I will often take a peek at the comments just to see how early in time is the first blatant, or pretty much based in white supramacist bullshit, remark.  In this case, the first one screamed of white supramacist bullshit.  Or to categorize the sub genre of white supramacist bullshit?  It was a pathetic attempt at a joke in the style of, "Stop blaming white people for everything," remarks.

Yeah.   I am still going to keep to a minimum, remarking about her and other pseudo intellectuals.

But she wasn't on the side of the white supramacists, it seems, this time at least.

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