Saturday, September 10, 2022

This Coming From a Man, Who Wrote a Book Reverse Demonizing His Enemies . . .

And by reverse, I mean wrote a book titled "Woke Racism."  Using "religion" as a pejorative" Tsk,  tsk!

To explain, McWhorter has a years long anmosity with the new wave, current Civil Rights thinkers and leaders.  As that is what 'anti racism' is. It's the same essential wine, but different vintage.  None of that shit is new.  I was thinking the same shit, back in the 70s!

And I am about to do here, something I really disfavor;  criticising a piece with out really reading it.  However, I am being very narrow here.  I can't access the full thing.  So I am sticking to this quote, and McWhorter's personal history.  I will stop short of calling him  a hypocrite.  But if he ever were to read this, I would suggest he listen to MJ's "Man in the Mirror," over and over, until he gets the meaning, and how it applies to him.

Anyway.  the bulshit quote:

"In our moment, we talk a lot about the dismaying degree of partisanship in our nation. We declare fealty to the ideal of being open to the ideas of others. Yet [Mitchell] Jackson exemplifies a sense that when it comes to [Clarence] Thomas, none of this interest in comity applies and that it qualifies as insight to discuss him as a horrid, pathetic figure."

Writers who write books  trashing their ideological advesaries should not be saying shit like that.  

It's bullshit to make bank writing a book trashing your ideological advesaries, and then calling out people for basically doing the same disreputable shit.

There is a word for that, other than bullshit.  I won't use it here, though. 

But personally.  Even if I claim to be a retired political internet troll.  And I do get harsh here sometimes.  But no one reads me here, so does it matter?  Anyway, I will always admit.  I loved it.  I loved trolling.  I loved throwing shit at people, metaphorically speaking. I don't really play that shit anymore.  Not one on one, at least.  And I never did it professionally.  And peeps have monetized that shit.  And that is not a new idea, but I digress.

By you ain't gonna  catch me acting like I did not help invent that shit.  I was Godzillia back in the day.  Meatphorically speaking.

Been there.  Done that.  Wore out the T-shirt years ago.

And before I let you go.  Conservatism is at it's worst an evil ideology. On it's best days it is merely horrid, pathetic."  So in my view each and every conservatives is a 'horrid, pathetic figure."  Let's not cry over people dumping shit on Uncle Justice Thomas.  A person who is likely to do that is also like to do the same to Rush Limbaugh.  Fucking get real!  If one is really, truly a liberal, you pretty much have to think conservatism is horrid, pathetic, and wrong, if not evil.  Otherwise, why bother wanting to change shit?

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