Sunday, August 14, 2022

They are against kindness and compassion.

 Firstly, our daily affirmation. Fucking Republicans fucking suck.

Now on to my sermon.

Republicans have been spending a lot of time and energy opposing this mythical beast they call "wokeness." Now as a practical matter, wokeness is really just their current term to describe liberal, progressive thoughts and values. Really, that is all it is. The insult, buzz word du jour. But really what is at the core of progressive thoughts and values? Why it is nothing more than Christian Values.

And by that I mean, all that be kind to strangers, and wayward sons, and don't even judge harshly hos because hos gotta eat too, shit.

Kindness. Compassion. Not oppressing people.

And this is what they waste their time opposing? The idea that they should not only leave others to live their lives in peace, but as The Carpenter would have said, help the needy? This is what they are opposing?

Fucking Republicans fucking suck.



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