Thursday, August 04, 2022

Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock (3/8) Movie CLIP - Be Careful What You...

What someone like Ann Althouse forgets, is most people who are fans of Trek don't merely think of where Uhura started, but her path.  In this scene from one of the movies, she has seriously ranked up. She is a Commander.  That is the equal rank of a lieutenant colonel.  

In one of the more recent series, "Picard,"  we learn her fate.  She ranks up yet again to captain, and gets command of her own ship, and semi retires to help train "the next generation."  Literally, in that imaginary realm, as she trained cadet Picard!  

Anyway. Between the Trek nerds, and the military nerds, her misunderstanding of both cultures  lead to her getting flamed to a crisp.

She has a well documented history of vomiting forth on topics she either really doesn't know, or not know enough about.  I remember this one time.  Back when she was still doing bloggingheads vids.  Se admits out loud, she really did not know all that much about politics.  And then she goes on at length, talking about politics.

I want to say my tag   "cult of incessant chatter" was inspired mostly by her.  But that is not true.  There are a lot of people out there vomiting forth about things they really don't know, or not know enough about. 

Anyway.  In her last post in that thread, she was comically defensive.  She claimed she was proud about not keeping up with the subject matter. And as well, went on about her (she said she was proud of it) limited knowledge of the subject.   She used a lot of words.  I mean, really a lot to say nothing really.   All she had to say was something like:

"Thanks for setting me straight.  I learned a lot here.  Have a nice day."

But she didn't . . . 

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