Wednesday, July 06, 2022

The Needs of My Pretty Brain Demands it!

 To go on indefinite break from Glenn Loury.   His house negro act is too much for my pretty brain.  Particularly lately, as the SCOTUS has now gone full sedition mode.  There is an obvious line between interpreting the US Constitution, and rewriting it.  Them motherfuckers have crossed the line into sedition, far as I am concerned.  But I mostly digress.

I won't watch his vids, but I will scan the comments to see if he is getting properly flamed.  And this image serves that end quite nicely.  

And just over the weekend, I was explaining how having $10M is not being rich.  Not even close.  Not even a little rich.  I personally would never sell out for any amount of money, but  Loury comes cheap.  He likely isn't clearing $200,000.00 at Brown.  He ain't the Dept. Head. 

In theory, he could pull in a couple two three hundred thousand more in appearance fees.  But he isn't selling many books, nor is he likely making crazy money on line.  So he is living life merely approaching the lower of the upper bourgeois.  Merely being a lower millionaire these days is merely upper middle class in America.  So says  a large amount of the mere millionaires in America.  As I frequently say, if you are not really a master of the world, you are just a servant.  

But some servants are better paid than others.

So ya.  He is so the fuck far away from being actually rich  he is closer to being poor.  Anyway, I love this meme.


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