Sunday, June 05, 2022

What is The Tell of a Pseudo Intellectual, or GOP Politician or Hack? Sophistry!

 Granted, one political party does not use sophistry to the exclusion of the other.  But seems to me, since the very idea behind conservativism is not only flat out evil, but a perfect example of  sophistry?  I am making  point there.  The ideology of that one political party, if there really is anything left that can, by a stretch of the imagination, be considered ideology, at least used to be,  is the fallacious idea that follows.  "The status quo is good, and should be preserved.  The old ways are the best ways."

What sordid bullshit!  10,000 years of human 'civilization'  means 10,000 years of most humans getting fucked in multiple if not all ways possible, to the benefit of a few, wicked, evil fucks.  I see no good in preserving that!  Burn the motherfucker down, metaphorically speaking!

In any case, I just watched a clip of the last "overtime" of the Bill Maher show.  Some dripping prick of a Brit writer for the NY Post made a classic argument in the key of sophistry.  They were winding down a discussion about the Depp/Heard trial, and related ideas such as metoo, and historic male to female sexist abuse.  The dripping prick of a Brit writer argued that yes, the reality of sexist abuse was real, but we should not use wicked Hollywood as the standard for reform and what not.  Even Eric Holder fell for it.  But my pretty brain almost instantly went to . . .  please!  Tell me what industry is better?  

I could end there, but just to drive the point home.  One of the other big stories of the moment is the admissions of Southern Baptists about some numerous and seemingly long tolerated sex abuse patterns and history on the part of its pastors.

If you can't even trust the fucking churches can you trust any one?

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