Saturday, June 11, 2022

Son of What Am I Missing? The Highly Suspicious Ilya Shapiro Incident.


I don't think I have riffed on this shit here, yet.  But it deserves my cult of free speech treatment.

Nutshell. "Libertarian" asshole lawyer, then at the right wing biased Cato Institute, gets offered a job at Georgetown Law.  It should have been obvious to him, that was a bad fit. The fit is so objectively bad, I will accuse him of at least knowingly setting himself for a potential starring role as a right wing victim (of their own bad judgment,) if not deliberately so. Because right wing victims (of their own bad judgment,) get lauded by other right wingers, as they advance the right wing narrative about how right wingers are victims, ignoring that part abut how they mostly are victims of their own bad judgment.  Shit. Earlier today, I saw a post by Ann Althouse about this asshole, with a link to some interview where the asshole crows about how happy he is to be (finally?)  controlling the narrative.  That is not proof positive this was was a set up, and that he deliberately scammed, punk'd, "owned" Georgetown Law.  But if it quacks like a duck?  Let's move on.

Even before he started his job there, he got in trouble for some white supremacist bullshit he tweeted about how P. Biden would appoint a "lesser Black woman" for the SCOTUS vacancy, than his believed superior candidate, who happens to be a man, but of Indian background.  Like most of them do, this white supremacist denied intent to be taken for a white supremacist, or to deliberately say white supremacists bullshit.  

I can easily believe he knew enough to know talking about a Black woman that way was going to lead to accusations of his being, and/or saying white supremacist bullshit.  He is supposed to be a constitutional law scholar.  Even if he doesn't believe in equal rights for all, he has had to have read about the cases, and has to know.  This is the world we live in, where saying shit like he said will lead to accusations of his being, and/or saying white supremacist bullshit.  

First things first.  Why the fuck are seemingly intelligent people posting their trollish thoughts on Twitter, still?

Secondly, why do well educated, savvy white supremacists opine in public about anything relating to Black or brown men or women?  

Thirdly, how old can someone get before we can judge them harshly not only for what the fuck they say, but the mere fact they get whiny when judged harshly for merely saying anything at all, without any reservation for judging them?  I will say 14.  By the time someone is 14 they (assuming not home schooled,) have been socialized not only to do what they are told, and not give lip to their teachers, but more is the point, they are experienced in being judged by their peers. And other kids too.  And older kids.  That shit can really be merciless.  Point is, at 14 you know the risk!

Back to the individual asshole.  So he got sidelined, and his investigation took until the end of the term, for them to say, opps  sorry.  come on back.  And within a day or two after publicly rejoicing in his vindication, he decided to quit.  And a few days after that, he scored a gig with the right wing biased Manhattan Institute.

All that is just the set up.  Now for my real comment.  the What Part Am I Missing part?

Asshole has been complaining all over the interwebnetubes about how modern academia is too overly populated with like minded liberals.  So he quits the liberal enclave and returns to the comfort of more like minded people, at a right wing biased shop?

And he thinks he is some morally superior creature?

And other like minded people do too?

What am I missing?

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