Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Ann Althouse has a gay son, and is hosting if not promoting homophobia.

 The sordid tale begins with her posing an article about Drag Queen story time, on her blog.  Which, for any of you totally out of the loop, is one of the current . . . hate on different people war, items, currently, waged by hate mongering, right wing fuck faced dicks.  Someone decided it was an easier target to hate on drag queens  than on gays generally.  So here we are, kids.

I am not going long, but will go with the visual form of argument.   Her first poster on her blog went ugly and it got mostly worse from there.   

Oh.  Before the visual evidence.  I will display by printing my own views about drag, to show what is the right way to give voice to not liking drag.  I am not a fan of the entertainment.  But I would not protest against it, just as I would not protest against reality TV. Even if it was The Kardashians.

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