Thursday, January 20, 2022

Dunning-Kruger vs Cult of Free Speech.


What is that old joke of mine?

"The internet.  Where people who don't know what the fuck they are talking about go, and prove it."  I don't believe I knew about Dunning-Kruger when I first came up with that joke.  But they are in the same vein, seems to me.

Anyway.  And I know I should stop posting about a certain blogger.  But her page is part of my daily monitoring loop.  So the shit going on there is usually on my mind, more so, when there is a train wreck there.  Sometimes  her chosen topic is the wreck itself.  Sometimes you have to go into the comments to see the twisted steel and blood stains.  Speaking metaphorically.  But today there as a winner winner, chicken dinner, of a two-fer.

So she starts off the post with remarks from an article featuring of all bloody (literally) villains, Vlad Putin.  He shared some thoughts about cancel culture and racism.  Oddly enough this invader of countries, and assassination ordering despot has views that align with the usual GOP racist bullshit.  And I quote, "Obsessive emphasis on race is further dividing people."

Curious, but not really the issue, as she dovetailed that into a video featuring (JMO, and my deliberately being insulting) goat fucker and racist piece of shit Jordan Peterson.  He doesn't like diversity and inclusion and equity programs.  I have no interest in watching the vid myself, as I have no time to waste listening to a particularly whiny, privileged white guy bitching and moaning how life is so hard for white men.

Here is where it gets interesting.  One of the conspiracy kids in the comment sty went off on Peterson for not going far enough.  And later he goes off on the white supremacy friendly (JMO) lady blogger for being part of the anti white guy forces. She is a retired law professor, and as a result, part of the forces of evil arrayed against white guys, seemingly, according to the white supremacist, conspiracy kid.

I am going to move away from the 
white supremacy part and get to the Dunning-Kruger and cult of free speech angles.  The lady blogger is one of those sad idealist cultists who believes in the cult of free speech.  She actually believes that there is some use to letting some raving loon who seems to believe in replacement theory, and related . . . they are out to get all the white guys, conspiracy theories publish, have their say,  even on her blog.

So the raving loon has his own case of Dunning-Kruger, for the idiotic shit he believes.  And she has her own as she actually tried to steer this stubborn conspiracy kid to change his mind or behavior about anything.  Granted, I have done a bit of reading of the futility of even trying to convince a conspiracy kid of anything.  And years ago, I used to argue politics on line.  Futile.  It is futile.  It is not hard to figure out it is futile.

But admitting that is a refutation of one of the underlying philosophy of free speech.  So she may get it herself, she is wasting her time not only with that guy but even having a comment section?  But she already tried to micro manage it, a few months ago.  And that did not last long.  So she is in a shit hole of literally her own making.  

I think she should kill the comment section.  But I would have to guess her clicks diminished during that time all comments were curated by her and her husband, before publishing.   Yes, it is less entertaining that way. But it never gets that interesting to begin with. 

Quoting one of my favorite fictional characters, Cheryl, from "Archer."  

I go there, "Just for the shits, and grins, and screams."

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Blogger Abstentus said...

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Blogger Abstentus said...

Follow up. Not to be outdone, another of the deplorables there is calling for murder of East Coast academics. I assume that sentiment is not a joke.

We live in the times we now live in. There are no limits to what the white right wing will do to maintain if not seize greater power.

3:49 PM  

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