Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Critic of "Wokeness" CLASHES With Leftist Magazine Editor

I was hoping someone would deconstruct McW. and his bizarre book.  This guy does a very good job.  I won't go long, but McW., several times, sort of admits he is full of shit, but pretends to be some kind of Republican politician and doubles down on his bias.  I was thinking, wait till I finish it before commenting.  But a little before the 30:30 mark he gives up the charade.  Called repeatedly on his deception by omission of key facts that contradict his thesis?  He goes for the ultimate bullshit excuse. 

My book would have been 400 pages instead of 200 if I put all that in there, and no one would read it.

His antagonist, Nathan James Robinson,  is actually quite fair,  in the sense he is polite.  And not a lawyer, because he is not really trying to corner McW.  as much as he is trying to peel the layers of the onion.

But here is my take.  McW. admits a lot of animosity between him and some of the people he slams.  And since he bothered to bang out a 200 page book to slam them?  Well, res ipsa loquator. Or in the common tongue,

it is what it is.

And he sort of admits, first time I have seen him, heard him, that he really doesn't believe it when he says it's a religion.  He gives up that, if not fully at least in a sort of, opps  did I admit that sort of way.

My last comment.  Negro please.  If you are going to dabble in the social sciences?  Do the fucking work.  Anecdotes are shit, I tell you.  Shit as evidence of anything.

Oh. One bit further.  The math shit?  I was actually a weirdo kid in high school who could solve quadratic equations in my head.  And I had an intuitive sense, method, that did not follow standard methodology.  I actually flunked Algebra II  twice.  Until I had to retake it in summer school to go to my chosen Uni.  When forced to to it the usual way? I did it. 

But when someone at first denies that math is taught badly in USA no matter what color the students are.  And then admits, oh well.  I had it easier than most people?  Well  negro.  You admitted to being bullshit in your book  bro, backhandedly at least, again. And shit like that is is why I no longer think I could have a polite conversation with the man.  

Oh oh oh.  One last major piece of of bullshit?  You spent your entire adult life in academia, and you have the audacity to deny that faculty members have been trying to dog other faculty members in all sorts of petty and tricksy ways since even before Hamlet Prince of Denmark went off to Wittenberg?  Negro please!  I got sucked into the vortex that was my law school's faculty political abattoir as a student. But a kindly faculty member was my guide.  And I got out alive!

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Blogger Abstentus said...

Addendum. I do think the negro mostly believes the underlying bullshit he spews. And by that I mean the tired old bullshit he was spewing even before he chose to go to war against the hard core anti racists. However, he has talked about how knows them, and how they snub him, and despite his saying he just lets it roll off his back? I call bullshit. After all, he bothered to write a 200 page book that says those guys are the real racists. And he feels very good about doing that, seems to me. He has his satisfaction!

Feeling butt sore after being snubbed, much?

But it is not as if he is the first person to turn hurt feelings into a book. But his book is basically a testament to how butt sore he is.

Negro, you be as transparent as baggie.

And if he ever sees this, I hope he takes me as being objective when I point out he has a very privileged view of being a negro in America. The "reality" of his life is rare for negroes. So please, fucking stop pretending your narrow assed POV is at all representative of the rest of us. And I am saying that as someone who knows I am more privileged than most black folk. And I try to see shit from their altitude, not my own.

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