Saturday, November 27, 2021

Sometimes Shit Is This Basic and Easy, People!

 "As American policies on CRT education in schools shows, the problem has become showing how racism operates instead of racism itself. Mainstream society becomes fearful that people will be able to articulate the ways in which systemic discrimination operates and as a result demand that we do better." 

Critical race theory: ‘Diversity’ is not the solution, dismantling white supremacy is

Or, as I just said myself on my FB wall:

"I agree with Ibram X. Kendi, mainly because I had the same thought 40 years ago, and it was not a new idea back then, that in the end it will take a societal commitment to embrace anti racism in order to really complete the dismantling of the white supremacism state. (And if you don't agree you clearly do not know shit about the subject. So shut up!)"

 I should not be surprised at the backlash, at the timing of the white supremacist racist Republican hordes, to fight and die now, on this hill.  I saw it coming.  I did not really expect that "CRT" would be the way they describe the fight.  And I suspect if there is a real race war in America it is going to get real bad real fast for black and brown folk (never mind the result in the Georgia lynching case.)  And I need to have an escape plan.

I have long known the demographic shift was going to anger a lot of poor whites.  I really did not think this badly  (and likely to get worse.)  However, I have marched myself, the path of Pickett's charge.  And when I did, I have to at least acknowledge the dedication of those poor white who marched through long range artillery, then short range artillery, then rifle fire from fairly well shielded positions, getting slaughtered over some vague notion about "they raights."

I really am not anticipating a second civil war on a grand scale.  But we already live in America!  Land of Mass Shootings and Mass Murder!  And that shit can get worse, and I mean more common, fucking quickly.

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