Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Anti Elitists are the Worst Kind of Elitists!

 I have been saying that for decades.  And yesterday I was watching something where an alleged "left" writer went on, and on, and tiresomely on about being some kind of populist, and shit talking the elites, of which she resembles more than a fishmonger's wife. I believe she has some idiotic book out now where that is what she does.  She goes after "woke" media, and other fairy tale bogey men.

Now I have my biases.  High on that list is to just write off as a fucking moron, anyone who spends time combating 'wokeness." It is the tell of a moron to even use that word with out it being either in a quote, or used less than seriously, like as a sarcastic remark.  Such shit. But there was more self important stupidity to be had here.  Her assertion of being a populist. 

Ya know.  When you adopt the same-ish title and identity as Steve Bannon, you are not doing yourself any favors.  But specifically regarding populism as an idea? It's pretty strictly infantile as far as a way of viewing and being in the world.  I confess, I was attracted to it once. Back when I was a pre pubescent child.  I outgrew sucking my thumb, and that shit too!

And I have to go to the title topic.  Few people are as elitist  (and as well, tiresome) as the anti elitists.  Or the way I say it, people who call themselves anti elitist tend to think very. very highly of themselves.  How fucking stupid must someone be not to see it is a trap? It's like going to the idea store and asking for an idea that merely by utterance, will show all the world how much of a fucking hypocrite you are.

And I am sure I have said this shit before.  And I am sure I explored related ideas very recently.  Why do people keep doing and saying the same fucking stupid shit? I know!    

Dunning-Kruger effect

is the correct answer on the test.  But it is such an unsatisfying answer.  And  I know Professor Dunning has some vids up there on You tube.  And he may have addressed this in the past.  But do we need a new variant of the term for overeducated people who still fall into the literally ignorant idiot's kind of mental trap?

Lastly, as often is the case.  I did not find an image that perfectly matched my mind.  This will have to do.

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