Monday, July 19, 2021

For fuck's sake, McWhorter. Didn't you learn this yourself before you were 9 y.o.?

 Currently watching Professor McWhorter's taped segment with Margret Hoover  from her show, firng Line, off Youtube.

I accuse McWhorter of  the most unforgivable of self owning;  magical thinking.  For reference, I spent three years doing juvee crim. cases at Philadelphia Family Court, back in the mid 90s.  I represented some ding dongs who go caught up in slinging crack in da hood.  You are right in a minimal way, that the war on drugs is a bad thing, and we should end it.  But negro please.  If you eliminate crack selling on street corners, that is only going to take care of  about 1/365th of the problem.  Admittedly an exaggeration, but it is magical thinking to believe if we fix only one non causative factor in the vast and complicated equation of social problems for  poor black folk, that is going to fix much.  

If you have read Derrick Bell, you should know that not only have successful cases like Brown v. Board of Ed  not proved to be the great fixes.  But even the grand legislative plans have only done so much.  Before you dismiss teaching white people to be less racist, please refresh yourself on the actual limits of progress and the failure to solve the many problems remaining.  IF you really think ending the war on drugs will end the school to prison pipeline?  Send me your email addy.  I will see if I can get you permission to sit in on one of my step cousin's Sociology lectures down the road at John Jay  (I know you don't have to leave the Columbia campus for that kind of lecture!  I am just having some fun here.  And under that scenario I can assist in the lecture!)

And I stopped the vid after McWhorter decried the idea (not strictly  CRT  actually)  of teaching black kids that black folk are oppressed by white folk.  And white kids  need to be taught not to do that shit.

Where the fuck did you grow up where you did not know that your damn self  by the time you were 9 y.o?  I leaned that back in 4th grade when some racist kids in my school threw a rock through my window,  Lucky for me I wasn't there. 

Negro please.  As Cher says in that movie, "Snap out of it!"

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