Tuesday, May 11, 2021

While I Am On The Subject

 Re phrasing an idea I have expressed before.  Since I wholly believe the real question is how can any country in the Americas not be racist?  It makes sense that the burden should be on those fools who insist The USA (or any other country in the Americas,) isn't to prove it.

We all know that race based slavery used to be legal, and the rest of the institutions of society supported that racist bullshit.  And we know that freeing the slaves did not instantly end the racist bullshit.  So?  Show us.  Tell us. Exactly when did The USA stopped being racist?

Don't try to bullshit me by saying it ended when some law was passed, or SCOTUS ruling came out, or when some brown skinned man got elected POTUS.  None of that is proof of the assertion.

I repeat.  Exactly when did racism end in America.?  I want a date I can Google, and verify with multiple primary authorities.

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