Wednesday, April 21, 2021

She Still Has an Affection for, or at least Pimps for, Fucking Morons.


So. That blogger  Ann Althouse.   Who dumped her comment section for various reasons. She said she got tired of doing clean up.  She was Queen Bee of a racist hive of racist, Republican right wing, nut job,  scum and villainy.  Although I am not sure how much she minded the racists. as for years and years she let them post obviously racist shit, and well.  What does that mean to you?

Anyway.  She quickly instituted this fucked up system (if you really hate moderating) where peeps are free to email their moronic comments to her, and if she wills it, may publish them.  There I go, telegraphing.  So.  Even if this new system has cut way the fuck down on her promoting racist, ignorant  bullshit.  She still is posting fucked up bullshit, idiotic shit.

Now  I want to be sort of fair.  Peeps got their tastes. But my tastes say she has an affection for fucking moronic ideas, or fucking morons.  Some of the, attractive to her, observations  she has been posting, to my mind, are no more cogent than the fevered dreams of a malaria patient, who is also on meth. And has a delusional disorder.

But I grade hard.  Just yesterday  I cut off a chat topic with a friend of mine who was insisting on me validating  an "a lot of people" form of argument.  And I at least twice tried to get her to see reason and downgrade that observation to "some people."  So yeah.  I grade hard. 

Like I said to my friend.   I prefer data.

Anyway, life goes on no matter who was wrong or right.

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