Monday, April 05, 2021

She Gone and Done It! Excellent!

 That blogger I refer to, but rarely actually name, Ann Althouse,  gone and done it!  She killed off her comment section.  Glory be!  

My main, general criticism of her was she was providing a safe space for a bunch of obviously racist shit bags.  It is one thing to believe in the cult of so called free speech.  Which I do not.  Because people basically suck, I am not all that interested in other's opinions, and the older I get the less time I have for repetitive hate speech. But it is another thing entirely to host racist bullshit; to enable the publication and exhibition of that kind of racist bullshit.

And her cluster of racist fuckbois is so revolting.  How revolting?  That the last time she posted something touching on Critical Race Theory, the gang got whipped up into  a veritable lynch mob frenzy.  I imagine she would have deleted someone posting about actual violence against black and brown people.  But one of the comments that stuck in my head was the one about how the commenter was sick of hearing black and brown folk complain about racism.  And that is textbook racism.  That is a classic white supremacy and white privilege sandwich, with  a generous dollop of hate sauce.  

Shit like that was common, in her comments sections.  Flat out racist bullshit.  To her credit, however, in that instance, she did try to neutrally explain what the theory actually is, as opposed to how it is scandalized and mis described  by GOP politicians and political hacks.  And some of her rabid guests set about harassing her for daring not to toe the line of GOP racist hate for anything that is seen as a threat to white racist rule in America.  So she was only getting the love from the lynch mob when she was seen to be close enough in line with them.  

And she says it was getting to her, to keep up cleaning up the even worst of the trollish posts there.  So she might not miss it that much. But but but . . . If I had to guess, she well enjoyed being Queen Bee, even if it was only of a hive of hate and racist bullshit.  And I suspect she deliberately shit stirred with her posts, time to time, to get the bois excited.  

So ya know?  I am going to give it one month before she returns to some sort of allowance of group participation.  As opposed to me, who is used to having almost no one comment here.  She was used to a raucous even if inconsistently adoring throng.  We will see how it goes, ends, flows.  Who knows?

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