Thursday, April 15, 2021

Not that surprised a fellow lawyer I know

 Is being held on a warrant for a murder rap.  And it is not even that it is a female lawyer.  There is this one piece of evil business I got too close too in law school.  And I finally, too late figured out she was borderline psychotic.  I would not be surprised if she went into the system on a homicide charge.

But the woman I learned is facing a murder rap?  Totally surprised.  Even if last time I saw her she informed me she was dealing with some drama.

This is a whole different level of drama.

Cut to my theory of her case. Based on the allegation they can tie her to the place where the body was found?  And that the other two alleged perps are family, one younger male and other a slightly  older female?

My guess is she did not do the deed, but helped hide the body.  And they did a bad job of it.  I wish her luck.  Damn.  This is a serious crime with serious time.  I don't expect to see her ever again.  Not unless I find myself in TX and go pay her a visit at the clink.


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