Saturday, February 06, 2021

If Karen is just some (male, female, or other) bitch who complains too much, or

 without cause, or disproportionately to the unserious bullshit they chose to take offense to?  (Redundant blog disclaimer;  all content is my worthless opinion, just and only.)\  What is the correct term for a blogger who Karens?

Hey, am I the first person to turn Karen into a verb?  If so, I am so clever.

But I doubt I am the first, and you likely are not worthy.  But anyway . . .  we can just call them Karens.

I am thinking about you Ann Althouse.  You complain a lot about stupid shit.  Are you aware of how you complain about stupid shit so much?  And how complaining about shit is about as attractive a thing as rotting animal flesh after a good five or few more days?

If the stupid shit stories you see about stupid shit on the stupid Internet published by stupid people, who infect the stupid Internet like everyone with just at least half a stupid brain expect to find on the stupid Internet, so move you to have to kill poor defenseless digital bits to bitch and moan about it?  Get the fuck off the fucking internet for a while.  My advice.  Go spend a few weeks or months someplace with bad or no Wifi.  De fucking tox!

Ranting about random shit is just so 1988!

Granted, I personally go to her blog expecting some Karenesque train wreck.  But if your took some time off line I would not miss you, and likely  might do something else with the three to seven point five minutes of my daily life I will have suddenly available.

Just saying.



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