Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Second Son of Shit I Can't Say on FB.

 I can't use the phrase, "A special kind of stupid,"  there or anywhere, anymore, because it is the favorite phrase of a friend of a friend.  That guy thinks  Covid is a hoax, and masks don't work, and 5 G will sicken or kill you.  Well I can't be sure about 5 G and the other conspiracy theories.  He did post some meme defending belief in and publication of all that ignorant shit.  He is a stunningly complete picture of a poster child for Dunning-Kruger.

But ya know? Giving up on that line is likely a good thing.  I don't need other people's lines.

Next, well?  That is it for general points.  I am being good about ignoring the stupid shit some of my friends say, directly to them.  Passively aggressively painting with a broad brush, and just saying what I think about a subject on my wall is good enough.  Post election?  My few remaining wing nut friends who sometimes bother to comment on my wall, have stopped posting to me.  

That is good.  I like to express myself.  but I don't like to waste my time on Dunning-Kruger cases.

Speaking of that . . . I will post this pic on FB.


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