Friday, September 28, 2012

Professor Racist Dickface at it Again.

I started off calling this repellent piece of excrement, some wingnut law professor.  But he got more vile in a short period of time, so I started calling him professor racist dickface.  His real name is  William A. Jacobson, and he has a hard on (metaphorically) for Elizabeth Warren.  Because he's a wingnut, dick face, douche.  And he has launched a crusade again her based on the dubious claim she's been practicing law with out a license.  What bullshit. Particularly as he is a law prof himself, he knows full and god damn well that profs get a explicit or sometimes implicit waiver to consult and even help out on briefs, while they are profs.   With out necessarily  being admitted to the bar of the state in question.  I think I learned that shit in the first year of law school if not earlier, watching "The Paper Chase" on TV, or something.

Go here for a story on another blog about his attacks.

Now why would a law prof do this?  Go all bat shit against custom and practice, beyond blind, douchy partisan hackery?  He's a wingnut law prof.  Most of the faculty  at his school not only likely despise him on account of his odious politics, but I would have to guess,  his stench-foul personality.  Same goes for the rest of the nationwide law faculty  congress.  Most think republicans  are the stinky shit in a fully used baby diaper.

So I am guessing. As that is all I can do.  And this is my guess and an opinion.  He had nothing to lose in going so ugly-stupid, bat shit nasty against one of his peers.  So there's not even the savings grace of any bravery here.  He's like  the most despised faculty member in the teacher's lounge.  Who farts sinkers, and steals other teachers lunches when he can get away with it.  Because they don't like him, so he's feeling entitled to be a little petty shit bag, in defiance of his being disliked for nothing more then being the shit of a creature he actually happens to be.

Again, just my opinion.  And I generally despise GOPers  so that's my bias at work, you may argue.

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