Sunday, July 29, 2012

Professor Dickface Licks His Own Balls Like a Dog, Over His Own Racism.

And you all know that dogs love that shit. 

Anyway, Professor Jacobson chose to, in a way, congratulate himself on what I call his own racism, but he would call his keen ability to detect instances of use of the race card.

Go here for that sickening shit.

Oddly enough, according to his records, no GOPer has ever done that. I at least have never seen him call out any GOPers for that alleged shit. Secondly, I personally am very suspicious of the reality of playing the race card as a phenomenon. That is not to say I do not think that anyone has ever cynically brought up race in a political discussion. But I more mean that racism persists in American society, and it affect politics. Anyone (like Professor Jacobson) who directly or indirectly denies that is either, (a) a god damned liar, (b) and/or fucking stupid, (c) and/or a racist, or (d) all the fuck above.

And given his record, here is my guess as to his reasoning.  If a non GOPer/Conservative mentions race, it's playing the race card.  He seems to be that knee-jerk about it.  And lord knows, he never deconstructs the subject of his accusation.  He just calls it as he sees it.  And his racist bias seems to always  be in service.

Parting shot.  For an out of the closet  (and yet still in denial) racist like Jacobson to be able to detect instances of unfairly raising the race card as an issue, is as unlikely as it would be for a born-blind person who has never been exposed to a description of  (or been able to touch the surface of such) Van Gogh's Sunflowers  painting, to accurately describe it.

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