Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Back to Politics. What This Election is About.

America the ignorant. Thanks in great part to a mostly worse than useless news media (and pundits.) The meme of the week is that the presidential election is about character. Not entirely false, but that misses the bigger picture.

This election (like many before it) is about philosophy of government and governance, and economic theory, and particularly where the two overlap.

Jumping to the chase here, I will say Old Joe Biden got it right when he brushed off (the disturbingly insane, baseless) arguments of Romney and company that his experience in Private Equity is a good qualification to make him POTUS. What did Joe say? That is no more a qualification than being a plumber.

I gotta add to what Joe said. I would say the master plumber/contractor might be more qualified, though. At least the master plumber/contractor runs an actual business that competes in the delivery of actual services to an actual market. The Private Equity people are engaging in a cynical form of capitalism (which is inherently cynical to start,) that often is more about manipulation of resources for short term ROI, rather than the ordinary delivery of goods and services to a market. And like that guy said in the suppressed TED speech. Hiring people (creating jobs) is the last thing those bastids want to do.

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