Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Still Quiet on the Western Front.

I am beginning to lose hope that the blogger I have lately taken to calling Racist Professor Dickface is going to throw himself on the Derbyshire Affair hand grenade and blow his shit up (metaphorically speaking, of course.)  Alas, he remains silent on the matter.  But that other racist law professor, who blogs as Instapundit, came through. Yea!  Granted, his own commentary rated as weak to none, he did link this bizarre piece elsewhere on the PJ Media real estate  (he's part of them.)  It's hard to characterize this twisted shitty whiny rant.  It's not so much the writer is saying he is pro racism.  But instead is is making the argument that anti racism is bad.

Remembering that when the issue is racism, I use Horse Shoe rules, not Darts rules, I say fuckit.  Looks close enough to a pro racist article that I will call it pro racist.  Remember people.  If you defend racist rants on some misguided "Free Speech" grounds, the grounds do not count.  You are defending racist content.  And no.  Ya fucking idiot.  The 1st Amend. Does not prevent people being horrified by the content of racist rants, or by those making or who have made racist rants, or from firing those who make or have made racist rants.  That's called fairness, in the sense that you reap what you so.  I thought you cons were all into personal responsibility.  Guess the fuck not.

Anyway, I am going to link the essay.  Read it yourself.  If you have the time to waste.

I'm not a racist, but . . .

Oh.  And this essay mentions Mark Steyn having published something about the Derbyshire affair.  Can't wait to see what ignorant  "I'm not a racist, but," shit he has to say.

Edit to add:

Steyn's piece?  Starting off  bemoaning the sans culottes?  Does that make you a supporter of the Ancien Regime?  Steyn is his very own collection of shit brained ideas that a lot of cons seem to like.  He's their brand of shithead.  Also he's was passes for an intellectual there.  But so is Jonah Goldberg, so that's not saying much. 

But back to the point, I disagree with the premise that we should have a society that anything can be said.  Out loud.  Without consequence.  That last part is the important part.  Everyone is still free in America to say any stupid assed shit they like.  But everyone else is free to judge them for it.  Harshly, if they so desire.   This is not a matter of law, or some mere societal taboo.  It's the actual fucking way fucking human brains are wired.  We are wired to like what we like and not like what we don't like.  We are by nature judgmental.  It's a necessary and critical part of the human capacity for higher thought.

But ya.  Society does need standards, every bit as much as individual humans need to make qualitative and affinity and rejection decisions.

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