Friday, December 12, 2008

Vile, Evil, Ideologically-Motivated Scumbag Republicans Hate Workers. Union Workers, Particularly. But Not Only.

And that is why the Detroit Auto Rescue package died; the scumbag Republican Senators decided to dig in on getting the workers to agree not only to the idea of a cut in wages, but by a date certain. Immediately. Or no deal.

After all, that is the real problem in the Detroit Auto Industry, isn't it? The actual wages paid to actual line workers. Ya. That's the key to the entire economic and business problem; wages!
That is what (those evil scumbags are saying) has caused these losses that not only jeopardize The Big Three's economic viability, but like ripples in a pond, the effect of a GM and or Chrysler bankruptcy could send very nasty shock waves through the rest of the economy.

And beyond the contempt these scumbag Republicans are showing for union auto workers, and the general effect that the tanking of GM and/or Chrysler could have on the American Economy, there is the net result of the bankruptcy that they say might be the best solution here:
creditors don't get paid (right away at least.)

Just what the American Economy needs right now, is for a couple of the largest corporations to NOT have to pay their bills right away. Ya. That is the shot in the arm a troubled economy needs; companies not getting paid for parts shipped/services rendered, and that could lead to some of those companies not being able to pay their vendor-companies for parts shipped/services rendered.

Ya. That is what the American Economy needs, right now. Brilliant!

And since we as a nation have had corrupt politicians on the brain for the last few days, I wish those Republican Senators from the (cynically-called) right to work states had been under surveillance for the past couple weeks, at least. I wonder how many of them have had conversations with the Big Three's essentially-foreign competitors, and if any of those Senators made anything remotely close to an assurance they would look after the interests of those home town foreign auto makers, I would like to see them arrested too.


I know there is a large measure of "Look to your own peeps," sort of thinking in the job of congress critter. Hell, some people say that that is the main part of the job. But still. Those scumbag Republican Senators, particularly from the (cynically-called) right to work states, have gone so far over the line here, that what they have done is not all that different than Blag the Operator's pay to play scheme. But in this case, the Senators likely have been paid already, in large campaign contributions from certain home town foreign auto makers, and now they are doing the playing. And this is not merely some sort of 'hold on to jobs in our state, or see them move to another state,' thing. This is using the power of the United States Senate to not only reduce competition for the home town foreign companies in the marketplace by helping the competition go belly up, or at least, on it's knees, but also as a possible result, give them the chance to pick up some brands/factories/companies/what ever, at fire sale prices, too.

That is the corrupt part. The perfidious part is that they, these scumbag Republicans, are not only willing to screw the auto workers, but also the vendor-creditors of the Big Three, and their vendor-creditors and workers, and their vendor-creditor's and workers. And none of that is good for America, particularly with the economy in as fragile state it is currently in.

That is why they are scum.


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