Sunday, December 14, 2008

Remember What I Said About Not Counting Out the Republicans?

They may be hurt, as an effective political party, and even as an ideological entity, but there is one thing they know how to do, how to be, and we are seeing evidence of that already; they now how to be scumbags, and they are getting cranked up on that shit already.

Firstly, and I refer to my last blog post here, the way they killed the Auto Industry Bridge Loan. That was a perfect example of Republican scumbaggery. And even if they had some stated reasons for what they did (and even if their loyalty to foreign home state auto makers and anti worker/anti union bigotry was glaringly obvious), those reasons were as thin as tissue paper.

For another example, consider the stated opposition to the Holder nomination for Attorney General. Again, even the reasons they are broadcasting do not even meet the minimally objectively justifiable test. But they are already circling the wagons, and passing out the weapons and ammo on this one. Why? Again, this is not even a matter of core ideology.

They want to re fight the battles of the Clinton Administration. Oh, and they are more their true and happy selves when they are in scumbag mode, but that goes with out saying, but what really seems to be the engine driving the train is the desire to go back to familiar hate mongering turf, and re fight the fights they had with the Clinton Administration.

It's pathetic. Truly. But Republicans really are not interested in making government work. That is not what they are about. You still see/hear various Republicans, be they rank and filers or alleged party leaders parrot that (basically witless) Reagan quote about how government is the problem, not the solution. That is what Republicans are about; they admit that much! So the prospect of stalling the appointment of a well qualified nominee based basically only on account of their having been a (not exactly political, not exactly policy, nor not exactly high profile) deputy in a previous Democrat government, should not surprise anyone who pays any attention to American Politics.

They really do not care if they look like partisan obstructionists. In their warped scumbag minds, that is their chief mission, when the other team is in charge of the Exe. Branch. So here goes, America. Are you ready for the slime fight?

I hope Team Obama is ready. I know they are busy setting and/or fine tuning an agenda, and dealing with all the nuts and bolts and leaky pipes of a transition, but I hope they have tasked some smart people with . . . now what did they call it in law school? Anticipatory Defenses. Yes. Merely planning a forward looking and hopefully workable, attainable, sustainable plan for governing the Nation, and making effective headway against the problems and issues of greatest concern, is not going to be enough. Even having a well-functioning rapid response team to deal with Republican scumbag moves, is not going to be enough.

As much as it is possible, and for an example of what I mean, like the folks over at the Pentagon have people working out war game scenarios in order to have defenses and counter moves already mapped out, Team Obama needs to try to stay one step ahead of these scumbags. And at minimum we (well you know which side I am on) need to have and see some strong push back against the Republican scumbag moves. And even if we do not use the word scumbag in public, on TV, or talking to reporters, or when making speeches, we need a clear message that is a true description of what the worst (and I admit all are not playing this game to the same extent at least) of these Republicans are all about and what they are up to:

They are not interested in seeing government work. They are not vested in seeing a positive outcome for our Nation. They care less about the general welfare of the Nation and it's people than they do about their ideology. They would rather see America's problems get worse, and the American People suffer terribly, if that is the price to be paid, for some petty partisan victory.

That is the polite and complete restatement of what I mean, when I call them scumbags. As little respect I have for that sort of Republican, I am not going to say something like,"They Must Be Stopped! Crushed! Eliminated!" I will avoid that sort of claptrap, myself. But I can say this much; as I am personally vested in seeing government work, in seeing the Nation's problems effectively managed, if not solved, I think these scumbag Republicans need to be thwarted. That is to say that their obstructionist goal of standing in the way of effective government and the betterment of the general welfare must stopped, more than they should be.

So let me say it another way. As long as they are ineffective in their obvious scumbaggery, I do not care if they are out there acting and looking like the scumbags they are. I just do not want them to be able to get in the way of effective government.

Some people say that our society, if not species, it getting meaner, and more tolerant of human noxiousness. But I still believe that the number of people who tolerate, if not embrace the Republican brand of scumbaggery is still rather small. So I do not mind it, if they run around looking like scumbags. That is truth in advertising, actually.


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