Sunday, December 07, 2008

It is So Nice and FAIR, What Rudy Guliani Says Here

That I almost regret the anti-guiliani song I wrote, nearly a year ago (but no one has ever heard performed.)

He says the election of America's first black president should be welcomed by Republicans as well as Democrats.

"Even those who voted against him, like me, say 'We're very thankful this has happened. This is the consolation prize'," he said.

"In having lost in terms of the ideology we wanted, or the person we wanted - John McCain - the benefit that we got was an America that can say to the world we've overcome the worst thing in our history.

"If you look at America - which I believe is a great nation, a beautiful nation, a nation of altruistic goals and very often great altruistic accomplishments - one of the terrible marks against us is slavery and racism, and I think that's a great thing for America to have overcome.

"And I believe that will gain us a tremendous amount in the world community. We can now be an honest nation and not a hypocritical one."

Giuliani Hails Obama Presidency.

It is a breathtaking and nonpartisan and optimistic and salutatory message. I almost wish I could say to him, personally, "Rudy, I thought I would never say something like this, but if more Republicans were like you, the party might not be a mere hop skip and roll away from being an Assholes-Only Hate-Mongers' Club."

But alas, that is far from being the case. As long as the hate-mongering (many of the flock) and basically racist (far too many of the flock) republican leaders, pundits, and rank and file persist in those horrible and actually baseless slurs, like the socialist/Marxist/commie shit, never mind the even worse baseless garbage some of those insane and insanely angry people are spewing? I will continue to feel 100% justified to run down the republican party as if at best it was a particularly pathological group of essentially sociopaths, and at worse raving psychotics. I am not saying that all republicans are hate-mongering, racist psychotics, but I am saying there are way to many people like that in the republican party. And unless the republicans cut out or otherwise remove the rot from within their own body, the body of the party will continue to stink of the rot of rotting flesh.

Again, who would have thunk it? Rudy is the standard bearer for the classy, well-behaved, objectively decently-mannered faction of the GOP.

Guess that leave Sociopathic Succubus Sarah as the "Spiritual" as well as nominal leader of the Sociopathic Wing.

Ok kids. Remember what your momma said about being judged by the company you keep.


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