Monday, December 08, 2008

Depressed, Psychotic, Hate-Mongering, Racist Republicans Have More Reason to be Depressed.

Court Rejects Obama Ineligibility Appeal

Supreme Court Won't Review Charge That Obama Ineligible To Be President Because He Is Not A "Natural Born Citizen"

“This is the least surprising move by the Supreme Court in years," said CBS News legal analyst Andrew Cohen. "No serious legal scholar believed that the Justices would take the case and overturn the election.”

SCOTUS to Psycho Racist Anti Obama Litigant: Piss Off!

My thoughts? On the one hand, it almost makes me think that we should have greater limits on the crazy people in the country, but on the other hand, as long as I don't have to get too close to them, they do have entertainment value. But this stuff, the level of baseless hate that some of these psychotic racist republicans shows, is cause for despair. Now among black people there is this old joke:

"There are ONLY two things I have to do . . . stay black, and die."

And I bring this up for the following reason. It seems to me that what these psychotic racist republicans have against PE Obama is the fact he is black, won the election completely fair and square, and lastly, he is a democrat.

Granted, merely that last one, being a democrat, could be cause for sturm and drung, among the psychotic minority of the GOP. Add to that the winning fair part? Well, that part is only a limit on the nature of the psychotic hate mongering vitriol that will be spewed by the psychotic minority of the GOP. Let us not forget that they tried to set the stage for contesting the validity of the election with all that Anti Acorn shit. And since Acorn is an urban organization, primarily, it is a black organization, primarily, so ya know we are getting right back to the racist shit.

But in the end, I think it really is the being black thing that has the psycho racist republicans so upset. I can not recount how many op-eds and personal posts I have read on line where the core complaint from these psycho racist republicans was essentially frustration at being at risk for being labeled as a racist, due to (hate-mongering and vicious and usually baseless, as most personal insults are baseless) heaping hate on Obama.

Now firstly, what sort of person spends time worrying about their ability to engage in hate speech in public being infringed? Answer: a hate monger. People who do not spew hate do not worry about loosing license to engage in hate.

Next, what sort of person spends time worrying about being labeled a racist? Answer: someone who is habituated to thinking about others in racist terms, and likely to make , if not has a history of making, borderline or even more obviously racist hate-mongering insults, slurs, and vitriol. People who stay far and away from uttering anything close to a racist hate-mongering slur or vitriol do not have a reason for worrying about loosing license to do so. So they do not worry about that shit.

But here we are. We have just seen the second to last best hope for the psycho racist faction of the republican party to derail the Obama Administration before it begins. I say second to last as there still is another petition on deck that will likely fail as expectantly as the one kicked out of the SCOTUS today. But getting down to the essentially core of the argument in both suits (and God help me, I actually did some reading even of some of the filings in the other suit):

"He can't be allowed to be POTUS. Just Look at him. He ain't One Of Us.

That is not good enough? Well shit damn. Then he can't have been born an American or be a Natural Born American. Why do I think that? Just look at him; he ain't One Of Us."

In short, the main and only actual reasoning behind these Anti-Obama Lawsuits is racism, pure and simple. And anyone who says different is not only a damned liar, but a psychotic racist.

Quick hint for anyone paying attention. How can you tell the difference between a sane republican and a crazy racist one? The sane ones might still be sad over the election, but they are at minimum dealing with it like a sane adult. The psychotic racists are easy to spot at least; they are still angry and still spewing hateful invective, and are either predicting failure, or even worse, already trying to undermine the Obama Administration.

Remember what I said in the last post? The sane ones need to (for the sake of their party) cut the rot out here. It is not wise to let that shit fester. Personally I think it is already way past the point where it is 100% fair to start judging the sane ones based on the fact they have not kicked the crazies to the curb. Personally I will not benefit from the GOP purging it's ranks of the crazies, but ya know? I think the nation will be better off it the psycho racist crazies are even more marginalized. There are just some beliefs that are past the boundary of tolerance, and hate mongering and racism are clearly that sort of beliefs.


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