Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dem. Gov. Indicted for being a Corrupt, Greedy Bitch. Event Hailed as an Xmas Miracle for Depressed Republicans.

But what did some Republicans do, instead of merely and happily, and honestly enjoy their suprise Xmas gift? The got all dishonest, and sleazy about it. (I know, redundant or at least expected, that.)

Firstly, as widely reported, that blow hard of a bigot, Sean Hannity, could not keep to merely and gleefully reveling in the joy of seeing Blag the Operator (I haven't seen that one, or any thing close to it used yet. It's MINE) arrested and humiliated. Instead he ran off on yet another of his dishonest lying liar tangents. He dug up Ted Stevens' as an example, but not in a 'Gee we should be happy when corrupt pols get nailed,' way, but instead to cry over the unfair treatment Ted got??? WTF?

According to Hannity, Ted got the fast track to trial and conviction because of some liberal plot. However, the fact is Ted's trial was expedited per request of the defendant and his counsel.

Talk about being both integrity and fact challenged. Hannity is not only an embarrassment to the GOP, and all humanity, but also to all of the Order of Primates.

Then there is Rush Limbaugh. I caught some of his radio show, while in the car yesterday. Now again, not being content to enjoy the totally unexpected Xmas present of a huge Democrat scandal, Limbaugh goes further and not only suggested P.E. Obama was involved in the scandal, but went further to say that U.S. Atty Fitzgerald should go to the Obama Transition team office, and arrest everyone there.

Based on what?

What a sick piece of garbage, he is. He is is not only an embarrassment to the GOP, all humanity, and all of the Order of Primates, but all of the Class of Mammals.

Well I am sure that over the next few days that more of the classless and and ungrateful Republican pundits' dishonest and slimy spew will bubble up and out. At this point, all I have to say is this. Some people. Give them a freebie and what will they do? Why they will mug your momma, pee on your couch, set your car on fire, and then have the nerve to ask you for another cookie.

And as a last note here, do you remember what I said yesterday about the difference between how a Dem responds to a scandal with their own team, as opposed to the way Republicans do?

Well here is how the fine peeps over at an obviously much more established Dem blog, Crooks and Liars, phrased it:

"I think it's now safe to say that Illinois has stolen from Alaska the title of Nation's Dumbest Governor."

I could not have said it better myself.


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