Thursday, July 03, 2008

Actual Details About Sen. McCain's Actual Military Record.

And I am not being critical. These are just the facts.


Now let me explain why I deleted the chunk I had here already. I have a more salient point to make than the actual details of his actual record. Having read (a sampling) what is on line, I now know why his supporters were going so hypocritically and seemingly delusionally batshit about any attention being paid to Sen. McCain's record that was contrary to the mythology.

The actual record is not so much a story like fictional fighter pilot Maverick's, of the movie "Top Gun," but more like fictional pilot Capt. Orr, from the book and movie,"Catch-22."

But Orr deliberately crashed that many planes (as Capt. Yossarian finally figures out, at the end of that story.)

My prediction? I am not 100% sure but I will weasel, and say it this way;

McCain's running on his military record might be the worst general election strategy since John Kerry's infamous utterance:

"Reporting for duty."

And if it works out that way, you can say you heard it here, from me, first!


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