Monday, October 15, 2007

What is the Flip Side of Faux Outrage? Attacking a 12 Year Old, of Course.

Sometimes I actually wonder if I should feel sorry for them douchy Republicans? I do not mean all Republicans are douchy, but I am talking about them who engage in these despicable acts?

Attacking a 12 year old; that kid in the middle of that SCHIP story?

I mean, there is ordinary douchyness, attacking adult messengers instead of the message, but to attack a 12 year old? What kinda heinous, sick poor excuse for a human attacks a 12 year old?

Answer: Republican.

But like I said, I wonder if I should feel sorry for folk like that. And ya know what? I may be far far from being as spiritually clean as the Amish, but I can sorta feel sorry for people that lost in bile, and hate, and that witless a follower of some stupid partisan movement. At least I can think . . . I am damn glad I am not that messed up.

But in the end, I do not forgive them; I still judge them harshly. Beyond the hatefulness is a behavior not a mere state, and as well, the staggering hypocrisy some of these Republicans display is just too, for lack of a better word, douchy to escape aggressive condemnation. Let's review, and I will pull-in the 'faux outrage' concept to make my point.

People who go all 'foam at the mouth and convulse in outrage' mode when other people criticize the POTUS, the "Most Powerful Man In The World," and/or

go 'foam at the mouth and convulse in outrage' mode when someone uses the word betray at a Major General of the US Military, definitely one of the most powerful men not only in the USA but right now, the man commanding the largest military force currently in a war zone, and/or even

go 'foam at the mouth and convulse in outrage' mode when some multimillionaire radio talking head, someone who basically made his millions from being nasty and hateful on the radio, himself gets criticized

not only SHOULD NOT condone the attack on a 12 year old child, but if they do not criticize anyone who does that, they really are the worst of hypocrites, condone blind hate, and hold partisanship as a higher value than any of the Christian Values and Virtues.

Ya, I can feel a little sorry for anyone that efffed up in the head.


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