Sunday, March 05, 2006

Not terribly FOCUSED today

Off the cuff, musing of the day.

Maybe the world is not as dumb as I thought.

I googled "Hannity" and got 5,310,000 hits.

I googled "Plato," and got 32,000,000 hits.

Plato beats Hannity. Yea, that!

Next I googled "Coulter." Got 18,900,000 hits for that. I guess Sean Hannity would be more popular if he had nasty skinny legs, and wore a miniskirt, maybe??

Ok. Next I googled "Chomsky" and got 16,200,000 hits for him. Being only a few points off Coulter, I don't think he needs to start wearing mini skirts!

Now next I googled "Jesus Christ." 59,500,000 for The Son Of Man and Lamb of God.

That's a good mark of popularity!

Next search? The"Prophet Mohammed." 6,570,000 hits for him. Ok, now there may be more of his followers on the planet, but less of them are on line, it seems.

Now my next unscientifically chosen search was for "american idol." Score for that was 43,100,000.

Then, at last, I googled "sex."

Got 524,000,000 hits for that.

At least as far as my random survey says, Sex beats all else!

Err. Excuse me. Correction. Before I posted this I decided to google "politics."

That scored a mega whopping 837,000,000 hits!

Ok then. Now we have the facts. More people like bitching and moaning about something they have, for the overwhelming part, No Control At All over as an individual, than the pleaures of sex.

So I must vacate my earlier statement about how the world might not be as dumb as I thought.

It is FAR FAR WORSE than I ever expected!



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