Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bitch Reminded Me Why I am Glad I Don't Do Forums Anymore.

I am usually better at this too, but I posted on a friend's facebook thread.  He' a transplant down South, and feels  quite at home there.  Now I did not lay into him hard, but one of his redneck bitch buddies  got in my face.  He soon reminded me  about how and more is the point, why I am happy I don't do message boards anymore.  Presented me with what I call bullshit  data  about how The South ain't as dangerous to live in as them northern cities.

Bitch threw up  homicide totals  to make his point.

I countered with the per capita  data  that clearly  shows The South is more dangerous than the north, generally speaking.   Per capita.  And the bitch's  reply to that was to discount  the "proportional math."  And then he really got stupid.

I first started blocking as spam his posts   after the second time I told him to leave me alone.

Then I found the little button that blocked his ignorant, racist republican ass from my sight for ever.

I might not live to see the fine day, but at the least the Mexicans  are taking over The South, and will just swamp them  by sheer numbers.  Not if.  When.  Not that that is going to help we black folk much.  But for schadenfreude and entertainment purposes.

Oh  and I know some of them conservative bitches are all mad about  P. Obama's being sworn in for Term Two on Monday.  Fuck them all, I say.  We survived Bush.  Well at least those of us who did not die due to Bush's  mismanagement. 

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