Monday, April 29, 2024

What's Worse Than Dunning-Kruger? What Ever is Wrong With The Owl.


Dunning-Kruger is that thing when dumb people are so dumb, they don't know they are dumb.

What do you call it when someone who has accomplishment, and decades of experience in a highly technical, demanding field, like law, doesn't know their limitations?  If there is a separate word for that, I admit I do not know it.  That is me  knowing my limitations.

Anyway. Far as I know, Owl ain't go no real trial experience.  That is leading to her limitations.  As all litigators, even we former ones, know, humans tend to overrate their ability to read minds.  And here  (above) see her try, and very badly, to read someone's mind.  

Now in fairness, her first selection is not bat shit crazy.  The other two options  are pretty much cray.

At least No. One sees to be a plausible consideration for an ambitious politician, hoping to be picked to be VP nominee.  The other two are crack pipe theories.  That doesn't mean there is no chance of them being true.  Anything is possible!  Point is  Owl  just pulled it out of her . . .  near by air.  It's not thoughtful or evidence based.  It's a wild guess.  Not a sign of intelligence.  Just a dumb assed wild guess.

Some people are more willing to publish crack pipe theories out loud than I am.  And that again  seems dumb assed to me.  I will end here.

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